Working a monotonous job at the local landfill, Joel is one of many men tasked with burying the trash that others have thrown away. Although weathered from this life of labour, he takes refuge in its solitude. But Joel’s quiet existence gets thrown upside down when he answers a call to take care of his estranged son whose mother has gone missing without a trace. As Joel approaches the son that he has never met, we are introduced to the motionless contours of a mountainous figure – a 200lb 11-year-old boy named Will. His cherub like features and blue eyes stare curiously into an unknown outside world.

Will’s arrival to a new community brings unwelcomed attention and disruption to Joel’s routine life. Challenged to take on this responsibility, Joel convinces himself and others that he can manage the situation. In reality what lurks beneath the surface is a man who finds himself lost and disillusioned, unable to cope with this new reality.

Having been trapped in his own body for so long, Will initially refuses to leave the house. A new friendship, however, with Carla, a girl living next-door, opens him up to discovery. Soon he is drawn in by the wonders and magic of the natural world around him.

After Joel discovers a DVD that Will has kept containing haunting footage of Will’s mother Sarah, captured by a restaurants CCTV the day she disappeared, the heartbreaking sadness of it all becomes too much to bare, and he starts to shut out those around him, including his girlfriend Jennece. Just as life is begins to open up for Will, Joel’s begins to unravel.

Faced with the fear of what the future holds, both of their lives hang in the balance. Together amidst the fragility of life they enter on a poetic journey of discovery, the stakes of which could never be higher.