Brian Carmody at AICP 2017

Miles Jay and Madelaine Guppy at AICP 2017

Smuggler New York watches the Eclipse

Nick Landon and Ivan Zacharias in deep conversation

Angie Sun and Rachel Czipo enjoy a Smuggler boat ride in New York

Robert Evans surrounded by the crew for The Kid Stays In The Picture

Patrick Milling-Smith, Karen Berkowitz, Rachel Czipo, Claire McGirr, Madelaine Guppy, Kristen Bedard Johnson, Allison Kunzman. Jacqui Wilkinson and Pat Heywood on stage at 2017 AdAge Awards

Once wins Best Musical at the Tony Awards

Brian Beletic

Producers Amy Nauiokas and John Hart, Elizabeth McNally, actors Ben Rosenfield and Imogen Poots, director Daniel Algrant, actor Penn Badgley and producer Patrick Milling-Smith attend the "Greetings From Tim Buckley" premiere during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

Catherine Waage at AICP 2017

Chad Hopenwasser, Drew Santarsiero, Brynne Copping, and BeeAnn Stuart at AICP 2017

Jaron Albertin at AICP 2017

Miles Jay and Jacqui Wilkinson enjoy a boat ride around New York

Brian Carmody and Patrick Milling-Smith celebrate another Smuggler win

Rave Review for Once

Madelaine Guppy at AICP 2017

Jaron Albertin in NYC

Allison Kunzman celebrates Smuggler's win at the 2017 Creative Arts Emmys

Jim Carrey and Chris Smith at the 2017 Venice Film Festival

Patrick Milling-Smith, Jacqui Wilkinson and Andrew Colon

Jaron Albertin, Greg Shapiro, Erin Wile, and Karl Spoerri

Chris Barrett looking fancy

Brian Carmody and Patrick Milling Smith during AICP Week 2017

Enjoying Cannes

Smuggler Ladies at 2017's AICP Awards in NY

The Kid Stays In The Picture At The Royal Court in London

Chris Barrett & Rose Brownlow at the Creative Circle Awards.

Patrick Milling Smith and Robert Evans

Jacqui Wilkinson and Rachel Czipo

Smuggler NY during 2017's AICP Week

Danny Huston rehearsing for The Kid Stays in the Picture with a projection of his dad John Huston behind him

Miles Jay and John Malkovich on set of SquareSpace

People are loving The Kid Stays In The Picture

Miles Jay's music video "River" is nominated for a People's Voice Webby Award

Great reviews for The Kid Stays In The Picture

The Smuggler Crew accepting an AdAge award at the 2017 ceremony

Brian Beletic working on Run The Jewels "Legend Has It"

Miles Jay at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

The struggle is real. Mark Molloy on the set of Go Daddy.

Madelaine Guppy on the Facebook Panel in Cannes 2016.

Adam Berg’s reimagining of The Red Balloon.

Javier Bardem and Henry-Alex Rubin

The Kid Stays In The Picture is at The Royal Court in London starting in March 2017

Susanne Bier wins Emmy!

John Malkovich and Miles Jay on the set of SquareSpace

East Side Vs West Side - Madelaine Guppy & Joanna Margilaj

Once Musical returns to Dublin

The marquee is up for The Kid Stays In The Picture

Brian Beletic on the set of Bridgestone