Adrien Brody

A name synonymous with brilliant on screen performances, Adrien Brody has taken a step behind the camera. A passionate storyteller, Brody sees directing as the next step into infusing more of his own creative vision onto the small and big screens.

Brody views his style as experimental with a strong point of view. A self proclaimed product of his environment, he attributes much of his stylistic approach to the work of his successful photographer mother, Sylvia Plachy. He describes her work as complex and very symbolic. Poetic with a slightly rough quality, Brody looks to find the subtlety that exists within the fragility of a given moment. These are characteristics he embraces not only within his own filmmaking, but in his acting as well.

Brody’s first move into directing came with a wonderfully anthemic piece for Chrysler titled “Arrive in Style”. There he was able to take the opportunity and experiment with many different filmmaking techniques and styles, resulting in a film that celebrates his truly unique voice. He followed with a visceral, yet poignant, peek into the world of a boxer in a film for Gillette with BBDO New York.

Adrien pulls from his Academy Award winning acting experience to hone in and nurture strong performances from actors of all ages. His most recent work was a set of 4 spots for Dodge as a part of Wieden + Kennedy’s “Dodge Brothers” campaign, in which you see beautifully performed moments from the youthful cast. Coupling these captivating performances with his distinct visual style resulted in a set of films that are as engaging as they are emotionally satisfying.

Now having signed with Smuggler, Adrien is excited to continue working within the ad space, honing in on his signature filmic voice and burgeoning technical stillest.