Björn Rühmann

German-born Björn first found success as a creative at TBWA Paris, working on a series of award winning international campaigns. He launched his directing career in 2007 as co-founder of lauded directing collective The Vikings, whose work attracted over 100 international awards. With films such as the funny yet poignant ‘Power of Wind’ for energy company Epuron. It was the second most awarded commercial worldwide in 2007 and counted a Cannes Gold Lion and an honorable mention at Sundance amongst its accolades. It wasn’t long until he ventured out on his own as a director.

As an art director he built a vocabulary to create films which are both sensitive and playfully unexpected in order to elicit powerful emotional viewer experiences. His film esthetic shines through in elegantly crafted imagery. A close observer of the minutia found across all human stories, he is equally at ease moving through the realms of comedy and drama. His work strikes a psychological chord in a wide range of audiences.

He has directed commercials for clients including Cadbury’s for Fallon, Puma for Droga5 and Mercedes-Benz for Jung von Matt. He took viewers back to a historic moment of comedic epiphany for Cravendale, imagining the first time a man decided to milk a cow. His 80-second ad ‘Rise’, a sweeping and visceral portrait of the American Revolution accompanying the release of the highly anticipated video game Assassin’s Creed III, garnered over 35 million views online in a single week. 2016 also saw Björn’s ‘The Rundead’, a three-minute zombie film for Brooks and Leo Burnett Chicago, which amusingly details zombies getting a new lease on life. He spends his spare time writing and developing projects on the island of La Gomera’s seasides.