Guard Brothers

Real-life brothers Tom and Charlie Guard not only share the same bloodline, they also have a kindred outlook on the world. While attending Cambridge University, the siblings discovered that their like-minded view of human nature and flair for visual storytelling would allow them to create compelling stories. Their first joint project was a science fiction short film about an office supply revolt led by a demonic photocopier. The film went on to win a BAFTA award and was a true signal of their success to come.

The Guard Brothers have since directed three internationally acclaimed short films. Their 1999 film Inside Out is featured on the DVD Cinema 16, a collection of the best British shorts, placing their work on par with directors such as Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan. James Christopher of The Times describes the short as “ten of the most accomplished minutes of film [he has] ever seen.” In January 2009, DreamWorks released their first feature length film, The Uninvited.

The Guard Brothers began directing commercials in 2001 helming campaigns for Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nike, Nokia, and Stella Artois. In 2009 the brothers directed two highly revered spots for Audi, which premiered during that years Academy Awards. Tom and Charlie continued their success with Audi in 2013, directing a Super Bowl spot titled Prom that was ranked among the most popular of the night on the USA Today Ad Meter. The spot’s success shows that above all else, good storytelling always wins.

Their work has been celebrated on many top advertising lists, and has garnered top prize at numerous industry award programs. Continuing on an inspired pace, they have helmed projects for Chevy, GM, Miller Lite, Nissan, and Infiniti. The Brothers continue to team with Venables Bell & Partners to create additional films for Audi.