Jun Diaz

While spending his youth moving between Southeast Asia, East Africa, and eventually America, he quickly developed a distinct outlook on the world. Diaz began his career in production, and shortly thereafter, he shifted gears and quickly established a name for himself as an editor, garnering widespread acclaim for his delicate and astute work in commercials and feature films.

Diaz’s feature editing credits include American Movie, Home Movie, and the critically acclaimed The Kid Stays In The Picture, for which he received an A.C.E. nomination for Best Editing.

Departing from the editing world, Diaz worked on shaping and perfecting his craft as a director with Smuggler. The CG-packed spot Rise for the NFL gave brilliant form to the anticipation of every football fan in the days leading up to the kickoff. Boards Magazine marveled at Diaz’s craft, stating, “the editing background does little to explain his knack for great casting and performances, and cinematography.”

Diaz’s work is a true celebration of craft, cinema, and performance.  There is always elegance and beauty to his films while he effortlessly mines for the smallest nuances and details in performance. This is a rare and innate talent that was honed when he was one of the most sought after and celebrated editors in the industry. The background of truly understanding and being so comfortable telling stories in any length has helped him see a very wide spectrum of opportunities.

Recent work for Twix out of BBDO NY was a festival and ad show favorite leading the charge at Cannes Lions, Andy Awards, Clios, and AICP, to name a few.