Renny Maslow

Renny grew up in a New York advertising family, and was exposed at an early age to creative thinking. This environment inspired a strong interest in visual storytelling, which led to years of experimenting with photography and video. Deciding to hone this passion, Renny attended film school at Northwestern in Chicago. Focusing at first on cinematography and editing, he worked to develop his stylistic sensibility.

Upon returning to New York, Renny began his career as a film editor. He quickly gained momentum, cutting numerous music videos and promos for MTV, a couple of indie features and eventually, commercials. Renny ultimately found that he too had stories to tell and began building a body of directorial work.

Renny has had an extensive career as a director, shooting campaigns for the likes of State Farm, ESPN, Chevrolet, and Diet Coke. His work strives to cinematically expose the subtle and nuanced comedy that’s inherent in our daily lives. Renny’s strong sense of humor and cinematic visual style allows his work to achieve the perfect balance between the product and the message it conveys. It’s this innate sense of believability in his films that continues to charm audiences. Renny thrives in a collaborative environment. He believes that realizing a film’s full potential comes not simply from the words on the page, but from a filmmaker empowering the agency, and his crew, to explore and push a concept to what’s less expected.

Renny has pioneered long running campaigns such as State Farm’s Magic Jingle and the Rebel Wilson voiced kangaroo for DISH Network. In 2011, Renny’s NFL on Fox campaign won an Emmy for Outstanding Sports Promo and his Wheat Thins reality campaign was short listed at Cannes. In 2012, his Super Bowl spot for Bud Light Rescue Dog was voted the second best commercial on USA Today’s Ad Meter. In 2013 Renny released his short film EFFED! featuring Zach Braff and Ted Levine.