Tristan Patterson

Los Angeles native Tristan Patterson is known for his intimate and visually stunning approach to filmmaking. After graduating from Yale University, Patterson worked on the first and only Dogme 95 film made in America, Harmony Korine’s Julien Donkey Boy.

A writer by trade, Patterson directed his first film in 2011, the documentary Dragonslayer, which was awarded the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Documentary at SXSW 2011 and Best International Documentary at HotDocs 2011. The film is a tale of young love and skating mayhem set against the recession-wracked suburbs of Central and Southern California. It charts a year in the life of an itinerant professional skateboarder and single father, Josh Sandoval, AKA Skreech.

The Hollywood Reporter described it as a “beautifully photographed” work that “lets its subject speak for himself, even when his words and behavior tend to counteract the filmmakers’ apparent affection for him” and The Los Angeles Times said “there is a palpable emotional immediacy to Patterson’s portrait style of filmmaking.”

As a scribe, Patterson has written screenplays for Disney, Fox, Warner Brothers, and director Tony Scott.

Recently he directed a well-received campaign for Benetton with 72andSunny Amsterdam. He followed by teaming up with United States of Fans/TBWA to create an explosive launch film for Adidas’ new football boot, The Nitrocharge. The commercial debuted during the UEFA Champions League Final in London and aired throughout the world during key football matches thereafter. Keeping his momentum, Tristan then directed the action-packed Converse spot, “Shoes are Boring, Wear Sneakers” for Anomaly NY.

Patterson spent 2014 shooting music videos for up and coming artists, along with working on commercial campaigns for Bud Light with Translation, and BMW with Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners. Tristan continued to pave his way in the feature world, writing and directing his second feature titled Electric Slide, featuring Patricia Arquette and Jim Sturgess. In 2015 he brought light to the harsh reality of soldiers returning home from war in his PSA for Mission 22. Tristan continues to work on cutting edge material, always approaching spots with a fresh and unique view.