Holy Wars


Take one Muslim advocate for global jihad and put him in a room with one conservative Christian on a mission to evangelize the world’s Muslims. Which man will be left standing? Touching down in four hotbeds of religious fundamentalism – Pakistan, Lebanon, UK, and heartland America – “Holy Wars” goes behind the scenes of the 1400 year old conflict between Islam and Christianity. The film follows a danger-seeking Christian missionary and a radical Muslim Irish convert, both of whom believe in an apocalyptic battle, after which their religion will ultimately rule the world. Tracking their lives from the onset of the “War on Terror” to the election of Barack Obama, “Holy Wars” shows that even the most radical of believers can be transformed by our changing world.



Directed by
Stephen Marshall

Written by
Name Placeholder

Produced by
Patrick Milling-Smith
Brian Carmody
Lisa Kawamoto Hsu
Allison Kunzman

Executive Produced by
Brian Beletic
Patrick Milling-Smith
Brian Carmody

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