Sandy Hook Promise: Evan

Short Form

Sandy Hook Promise approached SMUGGLER with the intent of telling a seemingly everyday tale of budding high school romance. however, the real story would be hiding in the background the entire time. By hiding its true message until the end, “Evan” manages something most gun violence PSA efforts don’t: echoing the surprise and shock of a school shooting while managing to show how easy it is to miss the warning signs. “Evan” generated a remarkable amount of mainstream media coverage in addition to numerous Cannes Lions recognizing its impact on viewers.



Directed by
Henry-Alex Rubin

Sandy Hook Promise


Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide
David Lubars

Chief Creative Officer, New York
Greg Hahn

Creative Director
Peter Alsante

Bryan Stokely

Art Director
Martins Zelcs

BBDO NY Executive Producer
Julian Katz

Director of Photography
Chayse Irvin

Executive Producers
Patrick Milling Smith
Brian Carmody
Drew Santarsiero

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Short Form