Uber Eats “Showdown”

Guy Shelmerdine

Guy Shelmerdine is a genuine creative force, shining as a director regardless of genre or medium.  He’s a creator to the core with an inspiring focus on craft, performance, characters and concept, and has created an impressive and eclectic body of work with a comedic throughline.  He joined SMUGGLER after winning Best New Director at Cannes, and it’s been a wild ride ever since

He has helmed award-winning spots for clients such as MINI Cooper, IKEA, Virgin Mobile, Coca-Cola, Honda, Range Rover, Skittles, Snickers, Volkswagen, Weetabix, and Barclays Bank. Other notable projects include work for Hertz with adam&eveDDB, MoneySuperMarket with Mother London, JBL with BBH New York, and Jockey with Droga5.   He’s a rare talent to find equal levels of success in the US and European markets.  

Never one to be pinned down, Guy also conceived and helmed the pioneering VR genre experience, Catatonic, the first ever live-action virtual reality horror film. Catatonic captivated audiences at SXSW, Cannes and Comic Con.

Recent notable work includes his campaign for UberEats featuring Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill, the Star Wars vs. Star Trek face-off we’ve all been waiting for; a cinematic and sharp-witted comedic treat to insiders and casual fans alike.   Other fan favorites include his inventive work for Starburst “Vertical Salon”, a technical feat of production design and efficient storytelling.

Guy Shelmerdine is proof that a true artist never stops growing. He refuses to be categorized as a traditional comedy director, always pushing at the edges of what’s possible, constantly redefining himself as a filmmaker.  He’s a storyteller and joke maker, a visual humorist and wordsmith. He builds characters and their worlds from the ground up, creating one of the most original and distinctive bodies of work in advertising.