Gucci Bloom x Vogue “The Awakening”

Fiona Jane Burgess

Fiona Jane Burgess is a filmmaker whose work straddles the fantastical and the deeply personal. Beginning her creative journey as the lead singer of the band, Woman’s Hour, she moved quickly from designing posters and tour visuals, to directing music videos, igniting her passion for filmmaking. She is equally at home directing campaigns for advertising agencies, global fashion houses, and music videos alike. 

Fiona directed the music video for Christina Aguilera’s highly celebrated and beloved song, Beautiful, in honor of its 20th Anniversary. The film went on to win Webby and British Arrow awards for its contemporary take on the distorted aspects of beauty that are being funneled into young people through social media today. Her thought provoking and cinematic Mercedes spot “Be One of Many” also received numerous accolades including D&AD and AICP awards. 

Other recent work includes “Underwear for Life” for Lindex, a three minute short film chronicling life’s most personal moments, showcasing Fiona’s seamless blend of poignancy, humor, and authenticity. Her latest music video for girl in red’s “Too Much” artfully merges reality with the stage, exploring the complexities of relationships with charm and raw emotion. Additionally, Fiona’s surreal and intimate portrait of Florence Welch for Gucci illuminates Welch’s artistic process and profound connection with the natural world, earning a Bronze at Ciclope. She continues to collaborate with other stylish brands and fashion clients, including Tanqueray, Patrón, Calvin Klein, North Face, DNB, adidas, Lacoste, Zalando, and Burberry, consistently pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and emotional resonance.

Fiona Jane Burgess’ creativity is matched only by her intentionality, thinking not just about the visual language, but the meaning behind an idea. Her ability to find magic in the mundane and tackle hard hitting subjects with equal fervor create a tone that’s undeniably hers.