Patrick Clair

Patrick Clair is an unusual filmmaker. His work fuses visual design and storytelling.

His documentary and video game work have probed the intersection between violence, technology, morality; and the way progress is changing us as a culture and a species. His video about STUXNET, the first cyberweapon, has been exhibited by MoMA as part of their DESIGN & VIOLENCE program. His video on 21st century geopolitics was screened at the Obama White House to influence policy. 

He has collaborated with diverse partners including Wired, The Brookings Institute and Ubisoft on videos about technology, warfare and social collapse. However, he’s most notorious for his work creating title sequences. He’s received Emmy nominations for the title sequences for Westworld, The Night Manager, Daredevil, American Gods, Halt and Catch Fire and The Crown – and wins for True Detective and The

Man in the High Castle. He is currently Creative Director of Antibody Film Lab: a multidisciplinary production company that works across entertainment, fashion and luxury.