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David Frankham

Born and raised in Los Angeles, David Frankham grew up surrounded by the art and craft of filmmaking. After attending the University of Arizona, Frankham returned to his home city and worked as an apprentice under director Martin Donovan. During this time his craft was honed directing small documentaries and low-budget commercials. David’s very first commercial won the prestigious Art Directors Club Award, catapulting him into a fruitful career.

Frankham’s extensive catalogue of work spans campaigns for Adidas, American Express, Volkswagen, Nike, ESPN, Citi, Sony, Chase, HTC, Chevy, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. His body of work has won multiple awards, including Clios and a Gold Lion at the Cannes Film Festival. David’s work is known for its narrative storytelling, authenticity of casting and organic cinematic quality. His films transcend a single genre, ranging from the docu-comedy to the visually dramatic.

Frankham directed and produced the gripping documentary series Witness executive produced by Michael Mann, which follows a new generation of young combat photographers into conflict zones in Mexico, Brazil, Uganda, and Libya. The series aired on HBO and debuted at the Venice International Film Festival to great acclaim.

David continued his impressive run of visual storytelling with another campaign with Anomaly NY for Dick’s Sporting Goods entitled Every Season. In the series of spots, he worked with professional soccer players to create an exhilarating look into the middle of a match. In “Odometer” for Mercedes Benz, Frankham created a touching depiction of a family’s journey through life via their car.

David has a proven track record through the years and across genres. He broke into commercials with his successful comedy spots rooted in character and performance, and over time, evolved into a visual storyteller and documentarian with a keen eye and sensitivity to the human experience.  David takes pride in telling stories packed with human emotion and heart, and like the characters in his work, he is excited to continue the lifelong journey of discovery.