SMUGGLER’s Adam Berg Blends Drama and Fantasy to Showcase HBO’s New Platform ‘Max’

LBB Online: “Visionary SMUGGLER director Adam Berg helps HBO Unveil their new platform ‘Max’, the enhanced service replacing HBO Max. Adam Berg, known for his cinematic style, brings his exceptional talent to Max in this advertisement, transcending traditional boundaries. The ad seamlessly blends elements of drama, fantasy, and real-life moments to showcase the diverse and…

‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F’ Director Drew on Franchise Iconography — and ‘80s Action Filmmaking — for His Next-Generation Sequel: ‘We Wrecked a Million Cars’

Variety: “While Netflix commemorates the 40th anniversary of Brest’s original with this sequel, Molloy spoke with Variety about how he sought inspiration from 1980s cinema, action-oriented and otherwise, to create the new film’s larger-than-life set pieces, and how the Beverly Hills he saw in that venerated first film set the stage for him to launch…

SMUGGLER Wins the Palme d’Or at the 2024 Cannes Lions

Ad Age: “The win marks the company’s 5th Palme d’Or and second Palme in three years. The year showcased a breadth of work across their roster with notable standouts by directors Ivan Zacharias, Henry-Alex Rubin, Mark Molloy, Tom Hooper, Fenn O’Meally and Andre Muir.”

The AICP Awards Honours the Best Advertising of the Year

LBB Online: “The most-awarded production company in the AICP Show was SMUGGLER, with ten honours, followed by O Positive, with six…The most honoured directors in the AICP Show for 2024 were Tom Hooper of SMUGGLER and David Shane of O Positive, both of whom earned four honours. The Best New Director honour went to Adam…

‘Hitler and the Nazis’ Recounts Third Reich’s Horrors for the Netflix Generation

Chicago Sun-Times: “Expertly weaving in archival footage, dramatic re-creations, interviews with esteemed journalists and historians and audio recordings from the Nuremberg Trials (many of which have only recently been made public), Berlinger paints a stunningly effective portrait of Hitler’s rise to power.”

Oscar Winner Tom Hooper on His Trio of Acclaimed Ads—And Why He’ll Keep Making Them

Ad Age: “Few, if any, commercial directors can claim to have made three spots in 2023 that were as affecting as Tom Hooper’s long-form work for Vanish, Montefiore and Chevrolet. While quite different in their storylines and executions, the three films have a compelling common thread—lead characters for whom it’s challenging to connect with others,…

‘The Bear’ Star Jeremy Allen White Explains Season 3’s Stunning First Episode

The Hollywood Reporter: “Christopher Storer’s The Bear begins its third year with an episode utterly unlike any other in the series, all but demanding viewers take a breath and slow down alongside Carmy.”

Zendaya Joins On’s Dream Team

SHOWstudio: “The cinematic short film, directed by the acclaimed C Prinz and starring Zendaya, aims to spark a conversation about the unifying power of movement. Set against the backdrop of a track, the film underscores how sport and physical activity can connect individuals from diverse backgrounds, a message that resonates deeply as the world unites…

‘Hitler and the Nazis’ Review: Building a Case for Alarm

The New York Times: “The presentation of the trials is the most striking example of a visual style Berlinger employs throughout the series: sliding smoothly back and forth between elaborately staged recreations and real colorized footage, so that you need to pay attention to know whether you are looking at Hermann Goering or the actor…

“Blue Eyes” — A Film Exploring Colonialism, Blackness and Generational Resolve

WePresent: “Muir’s recent director’s cut for “Blue Eyes” delves deeper into the themes at play in the original, exploring the ways colonialism—and in turn religion—has created a culture of self-hatred in so many places in the world, with people going to extraordinary lengths to adhere to western-centric beauty standards as a result.”

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