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Filip Engstrom

Swedish director Filip Engstrom prides himself on creating visually arresting yet genuinely human commercials and films. With roots in short films, children’s programming, and puppetry for Swedish television, he has developed a distinctive and innovative approach to filmmaking, creating his trademark personal style. By combining traditional storytelling techniques with new methods production and ever-evolving visual effects technologies, Engstrom enhances his stories with a refreshing perspective, always finding innovative solutions tailored to client’s needs.

Since his arrival in the United States, Engstrom has worked with some of the most recognized clients in the world including AT&T, Chevy, Target, Verizon, MasterCard, American Express, M&M’s, LG, Honda and Toyota, to name a few. His spots have gone on to receive numerous accolades including several Clio awards for Nextel “Ants”and Playstation “Murals”. Filip’s AMF “The Caterpillar” won the Visual Effects Society award for Outstanding Animated Character, sharing the stage with James Cameron’s Avatar. More recently, his spot “Color Changes Everything” for Target was nominated for an Outstanding Commercial Emmy, one of the highest honors in the commercial world. 

Additional stand out work through the years includes his iconic work for Diet Coke and Droga5, in which he incorporated his unique visual style, Playstation “Star Wars: Battlefront” a gripping campaign introducing the immersive world of Playstation VR and the short film “Little Pony” for Sony among countless others.  Recent notable campaigns include a series of spots for Google Chromebook with agency upstart Arts & Letters in Richmond, VA. His work has aired during some of television’s biggest live broadcasts including the Super Bowl, Academy Awards and Grammys.

People say never lose your childlike sense of wonder and Filip is a walking testament to that mantra. He approaches his life and his work with fresh eyes, curiosity and optimism. You can feel his fascination with filmmaking and enthusiasm on screen. He’s a technician and craftsman always finding practical solutions to CG problems, creating his unique whimsical style without sacrificing the human touch.  He’s living proof you can have fun and create amazing work in the process.