Monster “Fulfillment Center”

Benji Weinstein

Collaborating with top agencies across the world, Benji honed his signature approach to filmmaking, exploring the humor within moments of humanity and offbeat situations. A master in comedic timing, Benji’s expert casting combined with an innate cleverness creates work that commands attention.

Throughout his career, Benji has directed spots for a diverse roster of clients such as GEICO, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jim Beam, Credit Karma, SlingTV, AmeriSave, and Dr. Pepper. Weinstein’s work has garnered praise at Cannes, AICP, Clios, and The One Show, among many other award shows. Benji took the international awards circuit by storm with his REI “#OptOutside” campaign, winning a Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, the Gold Pencil for Best in Show, along with Gold Pencils in six other categories, three Silver Pencils, and one shortlist at The One Show, in addition to two Wood Pencils at the D&AD Awards.

Most recently, Benji has continued his work for Dr. Pepper, creating hilarious films that once again showcase his penchant for brilliant performances and reveal his storytelling prowess. His work spans brand categories, regions and markets and his vast portfolio of repeat clients is a testament to his competence as a director as well as his character as a human being.

As a filmmaker, Benji is interested in exploring human truths as a starting place in all of his work, always demonstrating his unique dexterity at putting a magnifying glass into these relatable situations.