Doechii “Crazy”

C Prinz

Enter C Prinz’s world. The multi-hyphenate artist and self-taught filmmaker brings a visceral emotionality and layered narrative to everything she does. She distills concepts to their essence creating deeply impactful and resonant films defined by her confidence, poise and clarity of vision.

C Prinz has quickly defined her otherworldly aesthetic. With a background in dance and choreography, she has a profound understanding of the expressive potential of the human form and harnesses the power of emotions through the intricate language of movement. As a director, she skillfully wields this captivating force, shaping narratives that bear the unmistakable mark of her artistry.

C Prinz has collaborated with some of the most celebrated brands in the world.  Most recently, she put style in motion in “Dream Together” for On, featuring superstar Zendaya. The cinematic film shows a filmmaker in total command of her craft with a penchant for performance and directing A-list talent.  She has also worked with Nike on a Global campaign, exploring the contemporary women’s fitness renaissance in everyday life.

Other recent work includes her genre-defying short film “God Is Good” starring the Tony nominated Jeremy Pope.  The film is an explosion of talent and a wholly original blend of memoir, monologue, surreal narrative and expressionistic dance.  The film will be released later in 2024.

In music videos, C has set the north star for innovation and invention.  Her latest music video for METTE, “Bette”, shows a playful and mischievous side to her work while also exploring dynamic choreography with artful VFX.  Her award-winning music video for Doechii “Crazy” smacked the audience in the face with its brashness, bravado, and explosive energy. The music video’s success is a testament to her holistic vision for an artist. “Crazy” received multiple recognitions including Raindance Best Music Video, 1.4 Gold Award for Best Dance Music Video, Ciclope Award, and UKMVA for Best Choreography Video, in addition to being a SXSW Official Selection and Best of the Year Vimeo Staff Pick. 

Other notable work includes “More Is Made By The Many“ for Hennessy with Droga5,  “L’interdit Thrill Hunters” for Givenchy, NYFW23 Film “How’s My Driving?” for Elena Velez, “Happier Than Ever” for Billie Eilish x Spotify, and others.

It’s rare to come across a voice as arresting as C Prinz’s. Whether she’s helming a commercial, or music video, creative directing a runway show, or choreographing a global tour, she takes bold creative swings, fully committing, without compromise. There’s an undeniable aesthetic throughline in her work and worldview that emanates and demands attention.