Volkswagen “Silence of the Lambs”

Ivan Zachariáš

The master himself, Czech filmmaker Ivan Zachariáš’s unparalleled reel proves there is no commercial director working today with a more classically trained cinematic style and natural storytelling ability than Ivan.

Zachariáš’s commitment to quality and command of craft keep him atop any creative’s directorial wishlist. He works in the manner of the European auteur filmmakers, taking projects from inception through completion, collaborating closely with agency creatives. His dedication to perfection can be seen in his countless award winning spots and critical successes that span his filmmaking career, including numerous Cannes Gold Lions, D&AD Awards ,Clio and AICP Awards to name a few. 

Zachariáš’s ability to effortlessly weave together wit, humor, and narrative, is timeless. Most recently, Zachariáš’s work for Apple “Data Auction” saw international success for its uniqueness and creative take on phone data privacy, winning Gold at Ciclope and being shortlisted in many other categories. Additionally, his spot for Upwork “This Is How We Work Now” features a dead business man singing along to sweeping visuals, and received an award at Ciclope this year. These spots for Apple and Upwork are indicative of his uncompromising commitment to quality and cinematic excellence, both earning Zachariáš a nomination for “Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials” at the DGA Awards.

Many of Ivan’s earlier commercials have gone on to be revered as classics. His Honda “Impossible Dream” spot succinctly chronicles the origins of Honda and was deemed by autoevolution as “the most inspiring commercial you’ll see today”. His work for Nike “Pretty” was the first appearance of Maria Sharapova as a spokesperson for the brand, the success of which led to further brand partnerships and earned Ivan Gold at Cannes. Other legacy works of his include Rexona “Stunt City”, Newcastle “Miners”, and Stella “Pilot”, all of which showcase his work’s grandeur, humor, and timeless style as cutting edge then as it is today. 

In addition to his work as a commercial director, Zachariáš has helmed multiple limited television series.  His first series for HBO Europe, Wasteland, is the dramatic story of a village community hit by a string of mysterious and shocking events, and premiered to universal acclaim. His follow up miniseries, also for HBO Europe, The Sleepers, is a spy drama set in communist Prague, and tells the story of a Czech dissident couple who decide to return to their homeland after spending a decade in political exile in London.