ZNTNDR “Untitled Us”

Jovan Todorović

Jovan Todorović is a Serbian American Film Director and multi-disciplinary artist with an MFA degree from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. He is based in Brooklyn, New York. 

He is drawn to storytelling as a means to use heightened visual, auditory, and textural experiences to explore the human experience and promote connectivity through empathy. Jovan’s work is epic yet palpable, it recognizes the extraordinary in the ordinary, broadening our ideas of beauty and our understanding of what it means to be human.

Few directors have found success in markets around the world as has Todorović collaborating with first-rate agencies and their most revered clients globally.

His award-winning work for Diesel “Haute Couture” via Publicis Milan launched his career into new heights and embodies many of his trademarks as a director. He injects within the film a propulsive energy that’s distinctly modern. The casting and styling is defiant in its individuality with uniquely nonchalant performances.

Often celebrated for their provocative nature and social impact, his films, commercials and music videos have garnered significant press and recognition winning multiple awards from FIPRESCI, Cannes Lions, Clio, Ciclope, 1.4 Awards, Shots, Lux, and Golden Drum, to name a few.  Other notable films and collaborations include work with Nike, Guinness, Puma, and Samsung, among others. 

In addition to his success as a filmmaker, Todorović is the founder, producer and lead vocalist of ZNTNDR, an electronic music and video project.  His most recent video “Untitled Us” was released to acclaim netting awards on the festival circuit including awards at Ciclope for Cinematography, Production Design and Editing.