Apple “Swiped”

Mark Molloy

Mark Molloy has established himself as a master of visual storytelling. Characterized by his unique ability to tell human stories, there’s an ever present life force intrinsic to his work. Whether crafting strikingly cinematic films or finding subtle, nuanced and relatable performances, Molloy brings compassion, perseverance and a relentless focus on craft to all that he does. His career to date has earned him numerous accolades such as the Cannes Lions Grand Prix, multiple other Cannes Lions and top awards at AICP, Clios, Ciclope, D&AD, and The One Show among others. 

Molloy ascended to new heights directing Apple’s series “Apple at Work – The Underdogs.” The series has garnered more than 157 million views-to-date, with the third installment, “Escape from the Office”, winning the coveted Film Grand Prix at Cannes Lions and the fourth installment, “Swiped”, winning two awards at Ciclope. In 2022, Molloy was named “Director of the Year” at Ciclope, shots Awards, and British Arrows, while earning a nomination for “Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials” at the DGA Awards.

Molloy recently made his feature directorial debut with Netflix’s action-comedy Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, starring Eddie Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Kevin Bacon. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer himself scouted Molloy for the film, following his commercial directing success. Blending themes from the beloved franchises with fresh, dynamic storytelling, the film received wide critical acclaim and became the most-watched Netflix title worldwide upon its release. 

Molloy has firmly established himself in a new class of auteur commercial filmmakers. Molloy wears his talent and well-earned success with great ease, generosity and class.