AT&T “Taco Party”

Randy Krallman

Randy honed his singular blend of deviant, deadpan humor first as an art director, before making the move behind the camera.  Blessed with a wit that’s as sharp as it is unapologetic, he creates offbeat, yet authentic characters that leap off the screen, and live long in the public’s consciousness.  His eye for casting is phenomenal.  His control of performance beats, improvisation, and timing are finely tuned and unmatched.  

Randy has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Amazon, GEICO, Facebook, AT&T, and E*Trade, among many others. His comedic brilliance shines through in the details – a gesture, a turn of phrase, an infamous leg kick – nuances not in the writing, but discovered in the execution, turning funny scenarios into timeless advertising.  His iconic spot for Starburst is funnier now than when it first launched, and recently exploded back to prominence as a viral TikTok sensation.  And people never stopped talking about his iconic campaign for E*Trade, featuring a talking baby voiced by Randy himself, which is in the pantheon of advertising characters and was relaunched this year to industry and popular acclaim. His work has been recognized by the top advertising award shows, with accolades from Cannes Lions, Ad Age Creativity Awards, Clio Awards, Ciclope, and AICP, to name a few.

More recently, Randy was instrumental in the runaway success of Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical, helming shorts “Therapist” and “Advertising Ruins Everything”, featuring star Michael C. Hall as he expresses his existential anxiety about appearing in the Skittles commercial.  This integrated campaign received countless accolades at Cannes Lions, AICP, The One Show, among others, and stands up in the industry as a one-of-one example of agency and production company collaboration.

Few directors become brands unto themselves, and Randy Krallman is just that, a distinctive brand of comedy.  He time and time again proves the timelessness of his work, and his seat at the table as one of the funniest in the business.  He lives by the rule, “to make an audience laugh”, he has to laugh first. An audience can feel Randy laughing his off every step of the way, crafting each moment and reminding us all why we love what we get to do for a living.