The National Lottery “A Christmas Love Story”

Tom Hooper

Tom Hooper is an Academy Award-winning director, renowned for his masterful storytelling. Notably versatile, he effortlessly transitions between historical dramas to musicals, and from film and tv to commercials, adeptly capturing emotionality through distinctive performances and camera styles tailored to each successive work he takes on.

Hailing from London, Hooper’s early directing triumphs in shorts, plays, and TV laid the groundwork for his hard-earned acclaim. His BAFTA-nominated ITV drama “Cold Feet” signaled a breakthrough moment in his career. His forays into miniseries, like “Elizabeth,” earned three Golden Globes and nine Emmy Awards, while “Longford” epitomized a remarkable convergence of talent. His works like “John Adams” claimed an unprecedented thirteen Emmys and “The King’s Speech” secured four Academy Awards, including Best Director and Best Picture. With “Les Miserables,” Hooper crafted an opus of emotive intensity that garnered eight Academy Award nominations and transcendent acclaim. “The Danish Girl” also earned four nominations, elevating the cinematic landscape with unyielding audacity.

When not directing award winning feature films and television, Tom brings his directorial prowess to adland, where his voice breathes vitality into campaigns for the world’s most prestigious clients. In addition to Oscars and Emmys, Hooper was recently awarded the coveted Ad Age Director of the Year as well as the prestigious Frank Budgen Best Director Award at the British Arrows.  Stand out recent work includes “Me, My Autism, and I” for Vanish. which featured a real family, served as a powerful catalyst for conversations around autism, particularly among girls who are three times less likely to receive a diagnosis than boys. Its impact was duly recognized, also earning two Cannes Lions, two CICLOPE Gold awards, multiple D&AD awards, in addition to the Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Award in the UK, further demonstrating Tom’s commitment to amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities. Additionally, Tom’s three and a half minute epic “A Christmas Love Story” for The National Lottery played globally, with the full length version airing in cinemas and receiving numerous awards including a Cannes Lion, AICP, and D&AD award, among others.

In addition to his ad for Vanish, Hooper’s recent spots had a remarkable impact this year, playing a pivotal role in SMUGGLER’s recognition as Production Company of the Year by Ad Age. His “Holiday Ride” spot for Chevrolet, inspired by a true story of dementia, brought a heartfelt tale replete with narratives of love, redemption, and restoration. Additionally with “There’s Magic in All of Us” for Montefiore Health System with Alto, Tom tapped into the essence of the holiday spirit, breathing life and love into the dreams of a boy with cerebral palsy whose experience transforms with the help of eye-tracking technology as he embarks on a whimsical adventure through and above New York City. Hooper’s also recently worked his musical magic in “Nobody Watches Like U.S.” for Paramount+, putting a masterful twist on the iconic UCL anthem to celebrate American fans’ unwavering dedication to watch the games anytime, anywhere.

As a steadfast champion of creativity, Hooper continues to forge new horizons leaving an enduring mark on film, TV, and commercials with every project he undertakes. His unrivaled empathy and focus on craft is pervasive in all facets of his work, cementing his legacy as a visionary storyteller.