Allianz “Lather Up”

Tom Speers

The Irish-born, London-based Tom Speers has quickly established himself as a go-to director for nuanced humor and film craft in the UK and US markets.  His body of work is defined by his confidence behind the camera, his intuitive feel for casting, and acumen to develop comedic tension, all contributing to his trademark tone.

Tom emerged on the scene with his lyrical short film “Boy Saint” which showcased his control as a filmmaker and ability to tap into the psyche of a character. 

He found breakout success with his award-winning campaign for Oatly, a cleverly written and perfectly executed piece, that embodies everything Tom excels at as a director. The unique casting, character development, self-aware tone, and brilliant release of narrative tension is a pitch-perfect masterclass in commercial directing.

Most recently, Tom worked with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam on a series of spots starring Christoph Waltz for Allianz. The films in the campaign further demonstrate his timeless restraint through a modern, cinematic lens.  Each spot is a smart, subtle visual metaphor and highlights his quiet command.

Tom’s at the exciting point where preparedness intersects with potential. His dry wit, sophisticated sensibility, and instinctive patience are the hallmarks of a director with translatable skills set across genres.